Fire-resistant material (preox) EMBERTEX™

Flame retardant fabric / density 350 g/m2 / color: black / Application: heat shield, fire barrier, thermal barrier, fire blankets, thermal jackets, etc.</span

Thermal insulation
Fire resistant
Sound insulation
Air circulation
Antistatic resistance
Washing in the gentle cycle


Fire-resistant material (preox) EMBERTEX™ is an oxidised polyacrylonitrile fibre, a flame retardant material that has a variety of features that are important for many areas
– does not burn, melt or drip;
– provides a high level of heat and sound insulation;
– lightweight and comfortable to use

Surface density from 200 to 600 g/м2 +/- 7%
Canvas width from 1 000 mm to 3 000 mm +/- 2%
Canvas length from 20 m to 75 m +/- 2%
Товщина полотна (при навант. 0,5 кПа) 5 мм
Peak temperatures 500 С
Flammability group G1


Fire-resistant material (preox) EMBERTEX™ can be used in many different areas as an effective protection against fire and heat.


Excellent heat resistance, which can be used for a long time at 300 degrees Celsius, is difficult to burn in an open flame and without spontaneous combustion from flame.
It has good chemical resistance, resistance to various acid and alkaline solvents, and can be used in harsh corrosive environments.
Excellent insulation, low thermal conductivity.
Excellent thermal stability under high temperature conditions, no softening, no shrinkage, no dripping.
Good tear and puncture resistance.


Fields of application:

  • Heat shield
  • Fire barrier
  • Thermal barrier
  • Fire blankets
  • Thermal jackets
  • Heat-resistant overalls
  • Heat-protective clothing such as jackets, aprons, gloves or shoes
  • Protective clothing such as safety vests, cut-resistant gloves
  • Outer clothing, hunting clothing
  • Protective vests for dogs


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