HOLLOWSOFT® insulation

Calendered insulation / density ranging from 80 to 300 g/m2 / color: white / for demi-season and winter clothing / non-migrating fibers / Usage: jackets, parkas



Hollowsoft® is a modern material manufactured using advanced European insulation technology. It features a sealed surface on both sides and excellent shape retention. The material quickly regains its original volume, even after multiple washes. Products made with Hollowsoft® have good breathability, ensuring proper ventilation during active movement.

Hollowsoft® is available in 5 different formats.

Density, g/m2 Roll length, m Roll width, m
Hollowsoft  80 50 1,5
Hollowsoft  100 50 1,5
Hollowsoft 150 40 1,5
Hollowsoft 200 40 1,5
Нollowsoft 300 30 1,5

Advantages of Hollowsoft® insulation compared to regular synthetic padding:

  • made from lighter and thinner fibers, resulting in reduced thickness and increased flexibility;
  • maintains its shape and does not deform even after folding during sewing and usage;
  • retains its original appearance even after washing:
  • prevents fiber migration even during prolonged use, thanks to special surface treatments.


Sealed surface. The sealed surface of Hollowsoft® prevents fiber migration through the outer fabric and helps retain natural warmth in products with Hollowsoft® insulation.

Air circulation. The ability to allow air circulation helps maintain a comfortable microclimate in Hollowsoft® products.

Excellent thermal insulation. The vertical distribution ensures even filling of the fabric and uniform distribution of thermal properties across the entire surface of Hollowsoft®.

Antistatic properties. Hollowsoft® does not accumulate static electricity charges.

No deformation during washing. Modern fibers used in Hollowsoft® enable quick shape recovery even after multiple washes.
*We recommend selecting the washing mode based on the entire package of materials (outer fabric + insulation layer).

Brand guarantee. The brand guarantee elements of Hollowsoft® are based on respect for copyrights and support for a positive image of Ukrainian manufacturers.
We help build a high level of trust in the brand and support the quality of the finished product.
The format of the sewn-in label can be customized according to the individual preferences of the customer.

Gentle washing. Hollowsoft® can be washed in a gentle temperature mode of up to 40°C.

The quality assurance

The quality assurance of Hollowsoft® insulation in the finished product is provided through the use of a hanging brand label specifically designed for garment manufacturers who choose high-quality materials and care about the comfort of their consumers.


Hollowsoft® insulation is recommended for use in various types of clothing for women, men, and children, catering to different purposes such as everyday wear, active leisure, and transitional seasons, among others. The seasonality of the clothing depends on the density of the insulation: Hollowsoft 100-150 g/m2 is a great option for European autumn, while Hollowsoft 200-300 g/m2 is suitable for cold winters.

The areas of application include:

  • Children’s clothing
  • Insulated vests
  • Jackets
  • Coats and parkas
  • Active leisurewear
  • Sleeping bags


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