Quilting service

Quilting service / Possibility to quilt widths of 1.5m and 2.2-3.20m / Quilting of fabrics for outerwear / Quilting of mattresses, duvets, bedspreads / Quilting of fabrics.

Fabric width 2.2-3.2 m
Fabric width 1.5 m
Quilting canvas for blankets and blankets
Quilting canvas for mattresses
Quilting canvas for bags
Quilting canvas for clothes
Development of author pattern
Classic pattern palette


K.tex offers a comprehensive quilting service aimed at satisfying the needs of Ukrainian clothing, footwear, furniture, and bedding manufacturers.

Keeping up with the latest trends, K.tex helps bring numerous original ideas to life. They provide quilting services for fabrics of any complexity level, ranging from interesting patterns on spring and autumn jackets, skirts, blazers, and dresses to trendy minimalist stripes or diamonds on winter coats, down jackets, children’s jumpsuits, or workwear. Additionally, quilted fabrics are excellent for bedding and upholstery, as well as for making sleeping bags and bags.


K.tex offers a variety of quilting services:
Classic pattern palette: Customers can choose from over 200 pre-existing patterns from the catalog, allowing them to find a suitable design.
Custom pattern development: K.tex can develop custom quilting patterns based on individual parameters, providing unique and personalized designs.
Garment quilting: The quilting service is available for a wide range of fabrics used in garment manufacturing, including linings, coat fabrics, faux leather (eco-leather, faux suede), fur, flannel, polycotton, suit fabric, knitwear, and satin.
Mattress quilting: K.tex can quilt fabrics specifically for mattress production. Customers also have the option to choose the filling material at the manufacturer’s price.
Quilting for bedspreads and duvets: The service includes quilting fabrics for bedspreads and duvets. Similar to mattress quilting, customers can select the filling material at the manufacturer’s price.
Quilting for bags: K.tex offers quilting services for fabrics used in bag production. Customers can also choose the filling material at the manufacturer’s price.
Fabric width options: The fabric width for quilting is available in two options: 1.5 meters for standard garment manufacturing and 2.2-3.2 meters for non-standard sizes, which is particularly relevant for quilt, bedspread, and mattress manufacturers.


Some practical advantages of quilted fabrics include:

  1. Protective function: Quilted fabrics provide an additional layer of protection in products. The level of fiber migration in quilted fabrics is significantly lower compared to non-quilted fabrics.
  2. Shape retention. The stitching in quilted fabrics helps to maintain the shape of garments and other items during prolonged use, ensuring a more reliable and long-lasting form.
  3. Enhanced tactile properties. When working with quilted fabrics for items like duvets, the end product is noticeably softer and more pleasant to the touch compared to non-quilted alternatives.

During the quilting process, it is important to evaluate the final result comprehensively, taking into account factors such as the quality of the hardware and fabric used, the adaptability of the filling and upper fabric, and overall workmanship.


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