Thin insulation Slimtex®

Product code 111632

Slimtex® thin insulation / density ranging from 80 to 250 g/m2 / colors: black, white / for demi-season and winter clothing / maintains its shape / Usage: coats/ model clothes.

Doesn’t absorb moisture
Doesn’t deform during washing
Can be ironed at 110°c
Doesn’t restrict movements
Air circulation
Modern microfiber
Guaranteed branding
Washing in a gentle mode
SKU: 111632


Slimtex®slimtex® is a thin insulation material made from ultra-fine fibers. Slimtex® thin insulation is available in 5 densities and two colors (white and black).

Density g/m2 slimtex® Roll length, m Roll width, m
80 g/m2 black/white 60 1,5
100 g/m2 black/white 50 1,5
150 g/m2 black/white 40 1,5
200 g/m2 black/white 30 1,5
250 g/m2 black/white 20 1,5

Thermal Protection: The insulation provides thermal resistance to withstand cold temperatures up to -30°C. The duration of insulation usage is limited by the performance capabilities of the outer fabric.


  • Non-Deformation During Washing: The slimtex® thin insulation retains its original properties and does not deform during washing. Garments with slimtex® insulation can be safely laundered and dry-cleaned multiple times.
  • Ironing at 110°C: The slimtex® insulation can be ironed at a temperature of 110°C (*we recommend selecting the ironing setting based on the outer fabric).
  • Freedom of Movement: Due to its thin profile, slimtex® insulation allows for unrestricted movement and does not add unnecessary bulk to the garment.
  • Air Circulation: The insulation enables air circulation, contributing to garment comfort across different seasons.
  • Advanced Microfibers: The slimtex® thin insulation is made of a combination of ultra-fine fibers that create a micro-porous structure. This forms an air barrier that effectively retains the body’s natural warmth.
  • Moisture Resistance: The slimtex® insulation’s ability to resist moisture absorption allows it to quickly restore its original properties.
  • Guaranteed Branding.
  • Gentle Washing: The slimtex® insulation can be safely washed using a gentle washing cycle with a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Hang tag – it guarantees the use of the original patented slimtex® insulation by K.tex factory in the product.


Branded Packaging: The branded packaging provides an advantage for customers when ordering slimtex® insulation directly from the manufacturer, as it ensures the protection of the material from counterfeiting. The packaging serves as a confirmation of the authenticity of the slimtex® thin insulation.


The areas of application for slimtex® thin insulation include:

  • Children’s clothing;
  • Headwear;
  • Coats and trench coats;
  • Insulated jackets;
  • Specialized uniforms;
  • Bedding covers.


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