Filler for mattresses and sides / density from 700 to 2000 g/m2 / size 60×120 cm / color: white / safe, ecological material, does not absorb moisture / Scope of use: mattresses, toppers, sides, decorative products

Does not absorb moisture from the outside
Air circulation
Antibacterial properties


HARDFIBER® does not absorb moisture into the fiber structure and dries quickly. This is a significant difference from natural fillers that absorb moisture into the fiber structure and take longer to dry. Unlike coconut fillers, HARDFIBER® does not have any odor, which is an important advantage in the production of items for babies and infants.

Density Thickness Size of the panel
 2000 10 120х60
1500 8 120×60
1200 8 120×60
700 3.5 120×60


Moisture Resistance: HARDFIBER® panels do not absorb moisture from the outside, allowing them to maintain their functionality for a longer period of time.

Hypoallergenic: The material is hypoallergenic and does not cause allergies or absorb external odors, which is particularly important in the production of mattresses for babies and infants.

Environmental Friendliness: HARDFIBER® is made from safe materials that do not harm the environment.

Elasticity: The modern fiber composition of HARDFIBER® panels ensures that they retain their original shape, even after prolonged use.

Air Circulation: The unique composition of the material promotes free air circulation, ensuring maximum comfort during extended periods of use.

Antibacterial Properties: The material exhibits high antibacterial properties and is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.


  • Mattresses: HARDFIBER® is used to create a firm or soft mattress base, providing comfortable and supportive sleep.
  • Guardrails: HARDFIBER® can be used in the production of guardrails to ensure safety and protection for infants and young children.
  • Topper: HARDFIBER® can be incorporated into mattress toppers to enhance comfort and provide additional support.
  • Pillows: HARDFIBER® can be used as a filling material for pillows, offering resilience and support for a restful sleep.
  • Decorative items: HARDFIBER® can be utilized in the production of various decorative products, adding both aesthetic appeal and functional properties.

For infants up to 1 year old, a firm filling material is suitable as it supports the developing spine. For children aged 1 to 4 years, a softer filling material is recommended to ensure comfortable and enjoyable sleep.


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