К.tex утеплитель швейный

K.tex sewing insulation

Classic insulation / density ranging from 60 to 300 g/m2 / color: white / for demi-season and winter clothing / basic properties / Usage: workwear, corporate apparel.

Machine wash at 30-40 °С
Air circulation
Economic profitability
Subject to stobanny
Dries quickly


УSewing insulation is a material made of polyester fibers that has a versatile character. Depending on its density, it can be used for both transitional and winter clothing. It is available in a wide range of densities to accommodate various needs and preferences.

Density g/m2 Canvas width, m
60 1,5
60 2,2
80 1,5
80 2,2
100 1,5
100 2,2
150 1,5
170 1,5
200 1,5
200 2,2
250 1,5
300 1,5
300 2,2

Sewing insulation is easy to care for and hypoallergenic. It offers the advantage of being cost-effective and can be used for a wide range of garment designs.


Elasticity: Sewing insulation is made from elastic fibers that hold the shape of the garment well.
Machine Washable at 30-40°C: It can be safely machine washed using the delicate cycle with a maximum spin speed of 700 revolutions per minute.
Air Circulation: The insulation allows for air circulation, helping to maintain comfort in different seasons.
Cost-Effective: It offers a good balance of quality and affordability compared to expensive foreign alternatives.
Suitable for Quilting: Sewing insulation is easy to quilt, making it practical for garment construction.
Quick Drying: The synthetic fibers used in the insulation dry quickly while retaining their thermal properties effectively.


Sewing insulation is recommended for various types of clothing, including:

  • Transitional clothing: Use it to create lightweight and transitional garments suitable for spring or fall seasons;
  • Winter clothing: It is suitable for creating warm and insulated winter garments;
  • Sportswear: Utilize it for crafting sportswear that requires both insulation and flexibility;
  • Uniforms: It can be used in the production of specialized uniforms, providing both comfort and functionality.

*If you have submitted an inquiry on our website, our manager will contact you shortly to clarify the details of your order (processing time is 1 business day).


If you have submitted an inquiry on our website, our manager will contact you shortly to clarify the details of your order (processing time is 1 business day).
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