Open the world of fire-resistant materials by K.TEX at the “SECURITY 2.0” exhibition

K.TEX Company invites you to the SECURITY 2.0 exhibition, which will take place on October 4-5 at the “AKKO International” exhibition centre in Kyiv.

At this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to check out a range of revolutionary security solutions and technological innovations presented by K.TEX. We are proud to introduce two extraordinary products to your attention: EMBERTEX™ – fire-resistant material and self-extinguishing insulator with K.TEX antipyrine.

EMBERTEX™ – Fire-Resistant Material of the Future

EMBERTEX™ is a fire-resistant material that can totally change your perspective on safety and thermal insulation. It does not burn, melt, or drip, providing the highest level of fire protection. Simultaneously, it is lightweight and easy to use, and its high thermal and sound insulation properties make it essential in various industries, including construction, textile manufacturing, and fire protection.

Self-Extinguishing Insulator with K.TEX Antipyrene

The self-extinguishing K.TEX antipyrene insulation is a high-tech insulation that effectively prevents the spread of flames. Due to its composition, it is non-flammable, making it perfect for use in special clothing, mattresses, and even decorative elements.

Where and When:

Location: Kyiv, “AKKO International” exhibition centre, Beresteiskyi Avenue, 40-B, Ivan Bahriany Park (formerly Pushkin Park).

Date: October 4-5

Exhibition Hours:

October 4: from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

October 5: from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Entry to the exhibition is granted with passports and badges, which can be obtained on-site. Just approach any operator in the “Registration” zone with your invitation, and they will provide you with a badge after completing the registration form.

Security 2.0_K.TEX invitation

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the world of innovative materials and join discussions and partnerships in the field of safety.

Join us at the SECURITY 2.0 exhibition! We look forward to seeing you there!