New horizons for the circular economy: key insights from a business event in Chernihiv

On February 28, World Tailors’ Day, Chernihiv hosted an important business event in the textile and fashion industry organized by K.TEX LLC and Chernihiv garment factory Elegant with the support of Ukrlegprom. The event attracted a large number of manufacturing companies and educational institutions.

The focus of the meeting was on the initiative “Recycling of textile waste from the garment industry”. Andrii Ilchenko, CEO of K.TEX LLC, and Tetiana Pushkariova, Project Manager, presented a new textile waste recycling project and discussed the possibilities of creating a partnership between manufacturing and recycling companies to support the development of a circular economy, emphasizing the importance of responsibility for recycling industrial waste within the framework of European legislative initiatives.

Ukrlegprom’s CEO, Tetiana Izovit, emphasized the importance of sustainable fashion, eco-design and recycling as key elements to reduce the environmental impact, focusing on the European Textile Strategy 2030.

The meeting emphasized the role of education in training a new generation of professionals aware of the latest industry trends, which is embodied in the #METASKILLS4TCLF project aimed at promoting professions in the textile and fashion industry and updating educational programs in Europe.

Nataliia Romanovska, Director of Chernihiv garment factory Elegant, emphasized the need to follow international environmental standards for successful cooperation with international partners and export of garments.
The meeting also included visits to local leading garment production facilities, including Elegant, Berehynia, Insight+, and VIK-NAT, demonstrating the scale and potential of Chernihiv region.

This meeting became an important platform for the exchange of ideas and experience, laying the foundation for partnership.

View the presentation “Recycling of textile waste in the garment industry”