K.tex company has a diverse portfolio of its own brands that cater to various market needs. Each brand represents a versatile range of products united by a common ideology and content, offering numerous possibilities within its target sphere of application.


Ukrainian insulation brand established in 2014. Thanks to the utilization of modern European production technologies, the material possesses high performance characteristics. The "sealed" surface of the insulation prevents fiber migration through the outer fabric. Manufacturers focusing on high-quality winter and transitional clothing prefer Hollowsoft® insulation.


Slimtex® is a modern insulation designed for transitional and winter clothing. Innovative technologies developed and patented by K.tex company are incorporated into its production. The brand emerged in the market in 2009 and has gained the trust of over 200 clothing manufacturers not only in Ukraine but also internationally. The slimtex® range allows for the creation of contemporary and stylish clothing capable of withstanding cold weather conditions from 0°C to -30°C.


An insulation material made from cutting-edge microfibers, capable of retaining maximum warmth while being incredibly lightweight. TERMOLOFT® stands out for its water resistance, as it does not allow water to penetrate through. This feature makes it highly popular among manufacturers of active outdoor clothing. Its softness allows for natural movement, making garments incredibly lightweight and comfortable. TERMOLOFT® was introduced to the market in 2017.


A modern insulation material developed for down jackets and the children's segment. The brand was introduced to the market in 2016. It combines the best properties of natural down and synthetic materials. In terms of softness and loftiness, this insulation is comparable to natural down while being free from its drawbacks. It can withstand moisture and heat treatment without significant fiber deformation.

An insulation material with enhanced tactile properties that provide softness to finished products made with its application. In addition to softness, important characteristics of this insulation include flexibility, which allows for maximum comfort in everyday wear. Ultra by K.tex is well suited for fashion jackets. The brand has been present in the market since 2006.

A firm and resilient filling material for both children's and adult mattresses. It is produced in a convenient format specifically designed for children's mattresses. For other products, it can be customized to individual sizes. Hardfiber filling material is odorless, which is particularly important for the production of children's products. The material is hypoallergenic and safer than foam. It has been available in the market since 2011.

Brand Odnorazka® has been present in the market since 2016. It actively contributes to improving the level of hygiene in cosmetic and medical facilities, spas, and massage studios. One-off ® is made from hydrophobic spunbond material, which has excellent water resistance properties. The material is soft to the touch and hypoallergenic. Its use during various procedures enhances customer comfort and safety.

Ukrainian geotextile brand established in 2010. It is manufactured using needle-punching technology with polyester fibers. The material is environmentally friendly and resistant to microorganisms, bacteria, acids, temperature fluctuations, and does not produce any byproducts during decomposition. It is extensively used in construction, landscape design, road and transportation works, and landscaping projects.